Fall Brings Apple Pie Bars!

The falling leaves drift by my window! (ALMOST!) Fall is falling a little late this year. The leaves on our trees are still green except for the brown ones suffering from this summer’s drought. But that’s not the point! It IS the middle of October and that means it IS fall! And as much as I hate fall, I love it too! GF Apple Pie BarsI hate it until it arrives, then the cool, crisp air wins me over. So, really, I love fall (except the long Iowa winter which always seems to follow but let’s not talk about the “W” word!). I know soon the autumn leaves will turn the landscape red and gold against the crisp, blue sky. Nature’s beauty at its best! I look forward to it every year..when I’m not dreading it!

The cooler air brings with it cravings for acorn squash, pumpkin bars, and apple pie!  As the outside temperature begins to fall the fall cravings begin to rise! It’s rather Pavlovian. More



Do you want to know what the HARDEST PART(s) OF GOING GLUTENLESS was for me? (that’s the hook, keep reading)

When I started this “blog” I had lofty goals. I would post recipes and foods I like and stories of being GF and be a resource of information and education and (and this is a big one) be accountable!!

Well the accountability part has been wonderful! Knowing that I would have to share with you that I had cheated (had I cheated) on my glutenless life is a great motivator for remaining glutenless! More