Welcome to my journey!

Update: Today is November 21, 2013. I started this blog in January as an attempt to share my journey into the gluten free world. My decision to go gluten free was based on chronically low ferritin levels. Since January I have experienced many ups and downs, successes and failures, ignorance and education.

I started this year gluten free with only occasional “cheats”. My ferritin level improved, I felt better overall, so I cheated. In August I ate more gluten than my body could handle and I paid a hefty price. It took 6 weeks just to feel normal again. I lost 10 pounds in the process.

This year also revealed that I have some bone loss (and I’m only 51…premenopausal). Another symptom of gluten sensitivity.

I have not been tested for celiac disease, testing is expensive and is still unreliable. But since I feel so much better off of gluten I can only assume that I  have Non Celiac Gluten Sensitiviy (NCGS).

My baking business, Healthy Grains Bakery, has been transitioned to a gluten free bakery. I am in the process of giving away all of the gluten foods in our pantry.

Posted January 4, 2013:

I have been experiencing low iron (specifically ferritin)  for years. I’m going gluten free to see if the cause of my anemia is due to malabsorption. This can sometimes happen when you have a gluten sensitivity. My journey will be for three months. I decided to blog about my journey on a whim. I’m not very good at blogging and am learning as I go along!

About me

An interesting twist to my journey is that I own a home-based business called Healthy Grains Bakery (http://healthygrainsbakery.wordpress.com/). I bake bread (with gluten) and other healthier treats for an email clientele and deliver to spots around the Des Moines every two weeks.

For more info on the journey be sure to read The Defining Moment!


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