A Gut-Wrenching Beer

Dang it, I jumped again!

Hearing the hummingbird approach makes me jump every time! I’m just sure it’s a big bumble bee coming to sting me! So I jump, he flies away. Repeat. I think he’s toying with me! Humming Humor!

I enjoy my down time on the deck. But today it’s pretty much mandatory down time. Boone, our German Shorthair Pointer (GSP) and I have been having issues. Well, Boone’s having his issues and I’m having mine.

About Boone

It seems he tore a ligament in his toe last week. He came limping to the back door one evening, one toe sticking straight out the side of his paw. He limped in and naturally I yelled for Kevin, my husband, to come see what Boone did. We both stood looking down at Boone for a moment, Boone looked from Kevin to me and back to Kevin as if to say: WHAT? I hurt my toe! Leave me alone! And don’t touch it!

Kevin knelt down on the floor and Boone lowered his head in total submission. Kevin gently moved the toe back into place. Boone just looked at him with woe in his brown eyes. He’s such a trooper. Boone, that is. Well, Kevin is a trooper too!Boone with cast

Our not-inexpensive trip to the vet revealed that Boone had indeed torn a toe ligament and the vet sent him home with a temporary cast wrapped in a leopard print. He’s quite the showman with his fancy leopard bandage that runs all the way up his leg, keeping the whole leg straight. So, of course, we now call him “peg leg”.

Anyone who knows the temperament of a GSP, knows that this cast is only a minor nuisance (in the dog’s mind) because surely he can still jump down the 4 steps off the deck if only no one was watching him EVERY minute and yelling: “SLOW!” all the time.  And when you are a GSP and you pounce on your toys like a puppy dog but your peg leg gets in the way, well, of course you just bite it! And if only no one was watching you just might keep biting the silly leopard wrap and pull it off with your teeth and EAT IT! Cause that’s what puppy dogs do! So, while Boone is healing I am working from home to make sure said leopard does not get lodged in Boone’s belly.

Good timing, really, since I’ve been having issues too. I don’t get a leopard wrap to make me heal. My ligament didn’t get torn, my stomach did.

About Amy

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve had a plethora of ailments and as of right now I’m blaming it on the beer. Three beers, actually (spread over 2 trips to the Iowa State Fair). What? They were local, dark, yummy beers! BUT they were not gluten free. And THAT may have been my downfall. My spiral into this dark place where I’ve wallowed for the last 3 weeks has been…painful!

Life post-beer has been glum around the Nichols household.  For the last 20 days (and still counting) I have had symptoms (on and off) which include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pass-out gas, normal stools, loose stools, weird stools, upper GI pain, lower GI pain, painful digestion, painful bloating, constant intestinal gurgling, a canker sore, pimples, a headache and I’ve lost 10 pounds. Yes, ten! But when it hurts to eat the choice to not eat comes easier.

Now, I haven’t had ALL these symptoms ALL the time. It started with periodic nausea, mostly at night when I was trying to go to sleep. I, naturally, tried to ignore it…it was a symptom I was familiar with from my pro-gluten days. After a few days the pain upon eating which produced chills, racing pulse, and raised my blood pressure set in. Again familiar but much worse than the pro-gluten days! I began to take the pain seriously and tried to find foods that would not feel like I’d SWALLOWED GLASS every time I ate! Those first foods consisted of cucumbers, blueberries and broth.

Each day of this 20 day journey has been different. I’ve had moments of painlessness where I felt moments of normalcy only to be followed by hours of pain and hours of suffering. My M.D. offered a proton pump inhibitor but the day after starting it I threw up half a day’s worth of valuable nutrients. So I stopped taking it. My MD (at my request) ordered stool tests to check for parasites or other buggers and I am still waiting for those results. I am also going to get tested for h. pylori (again, my suggestion) to help rule out an ulcer but I want to be super hydrated when I go see gal-dracula with the needle. Maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow marks 21 days! Thankfully these last couple of days I’ve seen more normal moments and fewer painful ones. I’m starting to feel human again and that makes me happy. If this is, indeed, a reaction to gluten-laden beer then I will declare myself gluten free for life! Because never do I ever want to go through this again!

So today, during this good moment, I’m sitting on my deck, sipping water laced with glutamine, watching peg leg trot around the yard. Occasionally I duck from the hummingbird who is having great fun at my expense. But I don’t mind. Right now I don’t hurt and that is a very good thing!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. matrav32
    Sep 06, 2013 @ 07:16:49

    Has your doctor considered pancreatitis?

    Sent from my iPad


    • Amy Nichols
      Sep 06, 2013 @ 14:15:07

      I will bring that up with her. For the first visit I think she was thinking gluten plus gastritis. She said she had seen many patients who went off their gluten free diets who had similar reactions. Even said she had seen a patient that week whose arthritis flared back up after eating gluten after being off of it for a time. But we are delving deeper! 🙂


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