Do you want to know what the HARDEST PART(s) OF GOING GLUTENLESS was for me? (that’s the hook, keep reading)

When I started this “blog” I had lofty goals. I would post recipes and foods I like and stories of being GF and be a resource of information and education and (and this is a big one) be accountable!!

Well the accountability part has been wonderful! Knowing that I would have to share with you that I had cheated (had I cheated) on my glutenless life is a great motivator for remaining glutenless!

But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…in my blog.

So while I ponder what I’m doing with this blog (and the formatting thereof) I want to share an article I just read. It is called “Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat” by Dr Mark Hyman (click on the title to read the article). It shares insightful info on what in the world happened to our wheat! We have modified it in amazing ways to make it into something that is (per some people) causing (or at least contributing to)  countless diseases.

On the subject of my glutenless life, I decided to add another month to my 3 month gluten free journey. I am adding April to the line up because I am doing so well. My ferritin level rose (you can read about that here) to a better level and I just can’t help but think it is from going gluten free but the verdict is still out.

Feeling healthy is a good thing. It took going glutenless to finally get me there!

So, what was the HARDEST PART OF GOING GLUTENLESS? Shushing the doubts, calming the fear of failure, and deciding to go for it.



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