Oh Annie!

Yesterday I received my organic produce bin from Prudent Produce. Inside I found a head of leaf lettuce and a cucumber (among other things) and decided to have a salad with supper.

So I chopped some salad fixings, heated the last of the Leeky Turkey Soup and sat at the dining table with my husband. As I was enjoying my salad (which I had lightly dressed with Annies “Goddess” Salad Dressing) I picked up the bottle of Annies  and started reading the ingredients: Oil, Water, Tahini, Apple Cider Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, etc. Wait! Soy Sauce?? I look at the parenthetical ingredients in the Soy Sauce and there it was in black and white: WHEAT. Wheat! ARGH! I was eating wheat! and ENJOYING IT! I looked at the rest of my salad. The feta cheese and cucumber tempting me with their drizzle of wheaty “Goddess.” I’d already blown it! So I finished my salad, wheaty goddess and all.

Oh Annie! Get your gun! Get out of my fridge! I should have known better than to blindly eat salad dressing! GFreers will all have Annies show up in our lives. Evil Gluten lurks everywhere!   When we make a mistake we just have to get up, throw the Annies away, and go forward.

Comfort was found in a GF Cookie after supper.



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