Post-it bookmarks, cookbooks, and enchiladas!

Being gluten free means no more flying by the seat of our pants for suppertime. Our new motto (borrowed from the Boy Scouts) is “be prepared!”

That’s where my cookbooks come into play. I do love my cookbooks. Every time I bring a new one into the fold I sit in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and a package of post-it flag markers like these and mark all the potential recipes I want to try. I pick them based on this criteria:  it sounds yummy, is simple to make, and-of course-if the PICTURE looks good! 🙂 Oh yeah, can it be transformed into gluten free!

Then the new cookbook-tags and all-goes on the bookshelf with all the other flagged cookbooks and waits. When I’m ready for some inspiration I pick out a cookbook and look at the tabbed pages. If I find a recipe I want to make that week I move the tab to the top of the book. Simple!

So last weekend I pulled Make Ahead Meals Made Healthy from the shelf. It’s not a GF cookbook but I like it anyway because it has some fun recipes!  As I thumbed through the tabs I found Beef, Black Bean and Mango Enchiladas (btw, that should be a link to the recipe) which I thought might fit the bill for a hot GF meal on a cold Iowa night. This is a lovely recipe with tortillas filled with ground beef, black beans, and mango (as the name implies). It also has lime zest, feta cheese, and chopped mint! Deliciousness!

For our feast we used Frontera Enchilada Sauce and Udi’s GF tortillas. The enchilada sauce came in 8 ounce packages, I used 3 to equal 24 ounces and subd Greek yogurt for the sour cream. I recommend baking them covered for 30 minutes then uncover them for another 10 if it looks like they need more time. A lot goes into these enchiladas. Once they were covered with enchilada sauce I questioned if all the extra ingredients on the inside would get lost in the sauce. But yummyness prevailed! I wouldn’t change anything. Except maybe I’d leave the mango in bigger chunks.

So grab some post-it bookmarks and a cookbook, find a comfy spot to sit, sip some tea, and bookmark all your recipe potentials!


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  1. Holly Spencer
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 12:03:05

    Now that sounds yummy! 🙂


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