My Mackerel


I’m feeling draggy today so I thought I should pump up the iron in my lunch. I reached for the can of mackerel in the pantry. If I ate that whole can I’d get 31% of my daily iron. That’s impressive!!

I had survived the can of sardines earlier this month. Surely the mackerel could be no worse.

And surprise! My mackerel was pretty darn good! I put it on Glutino brand GF crackers (my favorite GF cracker!) and ate half the can!

To accompany my mackerel I poured a small glass of prune juice (I am one of the rare people who LIKE prune juice!), grabbed a few dried apricots, heated some Miso, steamed a few leaves of Kale, and pulled the hummus and a red bell pepper (to add vitamin C and scoop the hummus) from the fridge. All gluten free iron rich foods. Such was my lunch!

Besides Lunch

Today is baking day for my (with gluten) bread baking business. It is a slower day, only 4 loaves of bread: 2 Deli-icious Rye and 2 Nutty Goodness. I enjoy making bread. I love shaping the loaves and watching them rise. Love the aroma of fresh baked bread. I just can’t eat it. How unfair is that?

To compensate I am experimenting with a gluten free brown bread. I found the recipe here: I decided to bake it in my pullman pan since I don’t have 2 unlined coffee cans hanging around. I have great hopes for this bread. As a bonus most of its ingredients have a good amount of iron: cornmeal, sorghum flour, brown rice flour, and molasses! MMMmm! But it also has buttermilk. And calcium interferes with iron absorption. So if this bread turns out well I will have to come up with another liquid to replace the buttermilk. I’ll report on it after I try it later today. I’m full of mackerel right now.

After Lunch

My post-lunch snack was a bit of Chocolate Mint Bark made with coconut oil. It is sooo goood! I’ll post the recipe later this week. I won’t be making it often (that’s how good it is!)!

What I learned today:

  • I don’t like draggy days
  • Chocolate Mint Bark makes me happy
  • Mackerel is a tasty way to build iron

Two weeks down, ten to go!


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