Don’t Cry for Me…

Argentina has nothing to do with my going gluten free. But I still sing the song in my head. I just can’t come up with a good substitute for the word “Argentina” that has anything remotely to do with going gluten free. Don’t cry for me cause I’m gluten freeah!

Well, the point is, I’m not really sad about the whole gluten free thing at all. Sure, it’s difficult. Sure, I had to psych myself into it for months. Sure I’ve been prepping for months. Sure, I’ve been dealing with my iron issues for years. But I’m excited about it now! So don’t cry for me!

So why in the world am I excited about my food limitations?? I am a compulsive recipe finder! I LOVE trying new recipes! I love cookbooks! LOVE them! Especially with pictures! I love the inspiration they bring! It gets my adrenaline pumping! I’ve been hoarding recipes my whole life. Ripping them out of magazines, hand writing them (photocopiers were not always in every home), buying cookbooks, bookmarking blogs (gotta love modern technology!), buying those magazines at the checkout counters with lovely looking pictures that make suckers like me purchase them! I have a box in the basement full of recipe clippings I’ve been collecting most of my life! Most of my cookbooks have post-it flags marking the recipes that I want to make. It’s an obsession! And I’m obsessed!

I’ve joked that if I made every recipe I have ripped, flagged, copied, bookmarked, or pinned back to back for the rest of my life I’d never get them all made. Sometimes that makes me sad. But if I were to go through all those saved recipes today, most of them would probably get tossed. The beauty of getting older is that you also (sometimes) get wiser! While 20 years ago I might have wanted to make that recipe for Death By Chocolate Cake (loaded with sugar, partially hydrogenated substances, and bleached white flour), today I look at it and can feel the arteries starting to clog, and my blood sugar become unstable, and know where I’ll end up with an extra jiggle! (C’mon, you know what I’m talking about!)

Today I’m into recipe resuscitation! I want to breathe new life into Death By Chocolate! During this season of my life I want Vitality By Chocolate! Let’s cut the sugar to absolute minimal and enjoy the chocolate sensation that is left for what it is! Chocolate! Omit the partially hydrogenation and eat what is REAL! No more bleached ingredients! Embrace what is whole! And natural. And good!

Tastes change as we age. So do taste buds. Give em a break! Go without sugar for a few days (or weeks) and see if you aren’t satisfied with less! (now, where did that soap box come from!)

So, don’t cry for me cause I’m gluten freeah! I have a whole gluten free food playground to play in! I’ve stocked my kitchen with buckwheat groats, gluten free oats, quinoa, garfava flour, unsweetened shredded coconut, coconut oil, raw carob powder, mesquite powder, coconut sugar, dried sugar free mango, dried plums (ok, prunes!), dried (un-sulphered) apricots, and more! And because this is about my iron levels I have organic beef in my freezer. My pantry actually has canned sardines and oysters! Unheard of for me 20 years ago! Heck, 2 months ago! Oh the fun I’m going to have!

No, don’t cry for me! This isn’t a journey of have-not. This is a journey I’ve been preparing for for months. My recipes are flagged. My Pinterest Boards are pinned. I’m ready for this journey!

This blog is my tool for sharing this fun trip I’m on!

I’m Opting Out of Gluten!

Gluten free onward!!


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