GF Pizza!

I’m a thin crust gal. I want my pizza to be a taste sensation of yummy toppings, not a bunch of bread. That comes from my fear of bread. Yes, I fear bread. Yes, I have a home based business making bread. It just seems as I’ve aged matured that when I eat bread there is a corresponding rise in the number on dreaded digital bathroom scale. Almost a 1:1 basis. I eat one piece of pizza = 1 number higher. Two pieces = and increase of 2. So unfair!

Though I prefer thin crust I do admit that I enjoy an occasion deep dish, but it has to be done right. My favorite DD was when we went to D.C. to visit our kids and they took us to this most wonderful Pizzeria: District of Pi Pizzeria ( Oh my gosh it was good!

But whether I prefer thin crust or deep dish doesn’t matter much since I am GF. Most GF pizza just doesn’t cut it. Since I had been gluten free before, I knew that I’d probably be opting out of pizza altogether during this three month experiment. So when my husband announced that we were going to meet some friends at a local Pizzeria I was more than a little miffed. Pizza?? What about the gluten?  He must have noticed the room getting warm from the steam coming out my ears because he quickly countered my evil eye with: “they have gluten free pizza.” Oh.

Indeed.  I supposed it was worth a try. After all, there have been such strides in GF baking over the years. And surely they would not advertise something that was not going to get a thumbs up from the GF experts out there (of which I am not one).

Pagliai’s Pizza is a locally owned Pizzeria in the Des Moines/Johnston area. ( We have been there many times before and have always enjoyed their (thin crust) pizza. But Friday night it was special because I’m GF and I’m going to  real pizzeria and I’m going to have pizza with friends and it’s going to be GLUTEN FREE!  This was going to be a test, if you will, to see if they can do GF as well as they do WG (with gluten). Oh to find a pizzeria that makes a good GF pizza!

I tend to like lots of veggies on my pizza so I decided on the Vegetarian with a glass of Cabernet (since beer has gluten). My pizza came out in a perfect circle piled high with marinated spinach, onion, green pepper, mushroom, and tomatoes. They also sprinkled an herb blend on top (though it was not mentioned in the ingredients). As I picked up my first slice (it held together nicely) and took my first bite I was pleasantly surprised! There was so much flavor in the veggies that I almost forgot to analyze the crust. With my second bite I got that hint of GF crust: kinda chewy but not in the nice way a WG crust is, rather in kind of a tedious way. Like you know you have to chew it up before you can swallow. Any GF flavor got lost in the toppings. The “handle” end of the crust was nice and crunchy. I ate half of my 11 inch pizza. The other half came home with me.

I give Pagliai’s an A+ for effort, and A for the overall pizza tastiness, and a B for their crust.

There is an unfairness to having been WG and changing to GF. Once you’ve had an item with all its glutenous glory it is hard to say: gee, I think the GF version is so much better. But I’d go back to Pagliai’s for GF pizza and that says a lot! I’m not one  to waist waste my calories on mediocre food. I would not go back if I didn’t enjoy it!

So tonight (Saturday) I had cold GF pizza leftovers. How fun is that? No, not as good as cold WG pizza. But that is just one thing I have to accept as a GF person. Life is just different when you are GF. I can’t lament my dining companions enjoyment of gluten pizza. Rather I have to learn to enjoy each meal for what it is. Delicious in its own way. After all, this is MY health journey.

And most importantly, I’m proud of myself for my first successful week. For taking this first step toward taking better care of myself. And best of all: I feel good!


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  1. achievablehealth
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 09:05:34

    They say it takes three days to make something a habit. You’ve got this!


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