Daya One anda Two

Eating is the hardest part of going gluten free. Really!

Imagine being out shopping and you get hungry. No fast food drive thru’s for you! You have to know who has GF menu’s or pack some snacks in your purse!

Remember: preparation is the key. Know what you are going to eat that day!

That’s why I made the Muesli Bread and and the Opt Out of Gluten Bread. And made a trip to Costco and Trader Joe’s.

In the mornings I typically make a shake before I leave for work. I’ll throw and apple, water, spinach, flax seeds, and anything else that sounds good in the Vitamix and give it a good whir. Then I add my terrific trio: one scoop each of Dynamic Greens, Vegan Protein, and Ultrainflamx.

Lunch for the last two days was the same: a lovely spinach salad with smoked salmon, capers, chives, sliced egg, sunflower seeds and a drizzle of hazelnut oil with a slice of Muesli Bread. How yummy is that? I would eat that salad for lunch every day if I could! But I’m out of smoked salmon.

Snacks for the last two days have been the yummy Costco blackberries, yellow bell pepper with hummus, Muesli bread with coconut oil spread, hard boiled eggs, and cashews (I do like to eat!).

Yesterday we had leftover homemade sausage (made by my husband), cabbage, and potatoes for dinner. Delicious!

But tonight’s dinner was wonderful! Surprisingly tasty! Super easy! Ah! look at the time! I’ll share tonight’s dinner TOMORROW!


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